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Tint faded to purple and now is being removed and retinted
lancer with purple tint
  • Window Tinting that turns purple the reason some say is that the manufacture takes dyes like
    black,red,blue and combined them together with other parts of the manufacturing process to
    make window film. Once new window tint is installed on a car or a truck the sun in a matter of
    years will beats up on the window film and it fades out the black dye from the window tint and the
    red and blue dyes will be left. This causes the purple look. The purple window tint becomes a
    safety hazard . If wondering what kinds of hazards. Here they are

  • The color purple of the tint makes it harder and unsafe to look through when driving day or
  • When the tint starts to bubble and the glue starts to fail the tint will start to come off the window
    and make it harder to see through when driving in the day time or the night time.
back glass bubbled
van window purple and starting to bubble
removing of a bad install of splicing film
the film is going to turn purple or fade or bubble or have
glue failure. They said that all window tint will do this
some brands will just take longer than other brands to get
to this point. Once this happens the warranty will come
into play and the
window tint will get warranted . A good
window tint shop will get the customers car or truck or
suv warranty
it out with no problems.

Pro-Tech S
ervices has a no question asked policy when it
come to warranty. 97% of the time the customer has the
window tint fixed.
Tinting that has gone bad faded clear not purple
is distorted. Making it
a safety issue to
purple but the owner
doesn't realize that
the film is shot and
needs to be striped
and  tinted.