We only install legal window film on all vehicles

35% on the front doors and windshield strip
20% on the rear 2 doors and back glass
do to the uv protection in the glass of the vehicle the windows
in a vehicle is not 100% clear. So the tint we install has to be a
little lighter than the stats requirements
not to make your vehicle illegal .
Shopping Center Store Front Tinted With Johnson Window Films
to do small repair on your broken items.

If you need some custom work done let
us know and we will give you a Quot for
your project. Our rate is by the hour ..

standard rate is $45.00 but for custom
work it varies .
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Home and Business Tinting
Diagram of how polyester film is processed for window tinting
Window cleaning we now offer monthly
service to the home owner to have the
inside and outside of the windows cleaned in
there home call us today to have us come
out and quote a price to have your home
accounts for nearly 40% of your utility bill in the
summer.  Because we live in florida it is warm all
year. Window tinting will help lower your utility bill
up to 30% and becomes your a/c best friend.
Window tinting will lower the a/c run time by 50% ..

Do you wonder what window tinting will do for your
home in the winter months.. The windows that
have window tint installed on them will be more
efficient and hold more heat inside the interior of
your home so your heater-a/c will not run as much.